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Riverboat Poker

Test your LIVE poker skills in the exciting setting of a Mississippi riverboat in 1888.

Challenging you is Theodore K. Gibraltar, the short tempered owner of the boat.

Can you read his tells?

Can you make him tilt?


Live Texas Hold'em

Theodore has readable facial tells

Losing (especially to bluffs) makes him tilt

Heads up Sit & Go tournament format

Win cash points by beating Theodore

Compete on the leaderboard with your score

Gain High Roller Status

Get better rewards and play for
higher stakes as you gain status

Play in landscape or portrait mode

Interpret Theodore's micro
expressions to gain an edge
Collect amazing historical
photos in stereoscopic 3D

Play the most exciting and action packed form of poker: heads up tournaments of No Limit Texas Hold'em.

Riverboat Poker takes you back to the origins of poker on the riverboats of the late 1800's.

The game is all about the live experience of poker. The player can track Theodore's facial expressions and carefully manipulate him all the way to full tilt by choosing what hands to show.

Theodore is not known for his patience and is prone to tilting – especially when he's shown a bluff. He starts to play more recklessly and gets red in the face with anger as he tilts more and more.

Riverboat Poker is always available for a session of any length – even without an internet connection.

For support, please send an email to support@scalpstudios.com

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